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Love this site. The cards make me happy.

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I'll drink to that

This morning I turned on my computer to find out that Maurice Sendak has died.  His book Where the Wild Things Are was a staple of my childhood.  Over and over, I read that book…each time immersing myself in the story and examining each illustration like I was studying the Sistine Chapel.  I loved Max and his adventure to the land of the Wild Things after being sent to his room without dinner.  I admired and envied his  defiance and his bravery in taming the Wild Things. Be Still!  I wanted to adventure with Max – I even wanted to be Max. 

If you want to reminisce along with me, the audio clip below is priceless.  It’s Christopher Walken narrating Where the Wild Things Are...with plenty of quintessential Christopher Walken commentary.  I just took that trip down the lane of my childhood memories (twice) and just like always, I was in my pj’s – fighting monsters.


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Hello world!

I must admit that I don’t know why I started a blog. I’m just going to see where it takes me.

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